I think I forgot my password. What do I do?

If you think you’ve forgotten your password, try to log in as usual. If the password doesn’t match, select the Forgot Password link to reset your password and access your account. 

What pageant cycle am I competing in?

Pageant cycles run on the year in which you would win the national title, not necessarily the actual calendar year. An easy way to know which cycle to select is to look at what year your national pageant appearance will be, if you were to win all the titles and compete nationally. Add 1 year to that date, and that is your cycle. The next pageant will be held in 2016, where the MAOTeen 2017 title will be awarded. 

I Received a Cash or Check Donation--What Should I Do To Ensure It Shows Up In My Fundraising Total?

If your donor is writing a check, have them make it out to Children's Miracle Network Hospitals with your name + 'MAO Teen' in the memo line (i.e. Jane Doe - MAO Teen). If your donor gave you cash, please get a Cashier’s Check or Money Order and put your name in the memo line (we don’t want any cash to get lost in the mail!). Then send it over to us for deposit:

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals
205 West 700 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Our accounting department will deposit your check when it gets to our office. As long as your name is listed the same on your Miss America account as what's on the memo line, they will be sure to allocate the funds to your MAO Teen page. Because of mailing and processing times, please allow about two weeks for those offline donations to be reflected on your fundraising page.

If you want BONUS POINTS: To help our accounting department rapidly process your cash or check donation, you can Add an Offline Donation from your MAO Teen dashboard. Click here for instructions on how to add an offline donation.

How do I connect my social media platforms?

If you didn’t connect your social media during registration, you can access that later through your fundraising portal. On the top right of the page, select the arrow next to “Welcome, [Your Name].” and select Settings. Click Connect for the social media platforms you wish to connect, and follow the prompts. 

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